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Shaved or natural vagina: how do you like it?

Filed in Escort | Posted by admin on July 17, 2023

Shaved or natural vagina: how do you like it?

What do men prefer in terms of female intimate hair removal? Total depilation or natural pubis? Let’s find out.

Today we at Escorte Suceava have decided to tackle one of those outspoken topics that divide people’s opinion. The shaved or natural vagina is always one of those topics of discussion between friends, between men and even in magazines covering the latest fashion trends.

Today we decided to reveal the opinions and preferences especially of the boys if they prefer a vagina with unkempt hair or if they are lovers of potatoes depilated with smooth pubis.

Shaved or natural vagina. What do men prefer?

From Brazilian hair removal, to French, the bikini up to Hollywood, there are many ways to shave the vagina and there are many women who even decorate it with rhinestones or dye their pubic hair .

Now you ask yourself, how do men prefer it? For some men, the shaved escort model is valid , as they find a shaved pussy very exciting and it also becomes tastier to lick since there is no risk of being bothered by hair as well as being attractive and hygienic. And these men are not entirely wrong since licking a woman’s clitoris becomes more pleasant when there isn’t too much hair, especially when you feel like dedicating yourself to a perfect cunnilingus .

On the other hand, there are those men who prefer to enjoy themselves with a natural vagina . Let’s talk about that pussy with abundant hair and a well-kept and very inviting tuft, for men the pubis is natural and animal-like which unleashes in the boy those erotic fantasies that will literally drive him crazy making his member hard.

The pros of the shaved vagina.

The positive side of having a shaved vagina is that it amazes your partner in bed , but beyond that the benefits of a shaved vagina , for some women it is synonymous with care and cleanliness it feels smooth and fresh after the shower and you are always ready to be caressed, licked or sucked properly.

For other women, however, having a totally or partially shaved potato is a greater dose of transgression in bed and the desire to please the partner in the hottest requests.

The cons of a hairless vagina.

While the benefits a shaved vagina can have, fully shaving the pussy also has its drawbacks especially around the labia, which can:

– Irritate skin and pores.
– Facilitates the attacks of bacteria and streptococci.
– Put yourself at risk of contracting herpes.
– Cause of eczema and dermatitis.

Don’t forget that pubic hair has a protective function for the intimate parts, and hot waxing or razor cause stress to the epidermis causing small wounds and ingrown hairs with the consequence of developing annoying pimples.

And what do you like?

However, regardless of your vaginal tastes, the thick and wild bush seems to be back in fashion among celebrities , so the new trend says enough to waxing and depilation but green light to a beautiful furry vagina.

We still don’t know how long this trend of showing off the hairy potato will last, but in the meantime we ask you, how do you like a shaved vagina or not? Tell us your preferences in the comments.

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